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Mechanism of Action Pathway2

Here’s what happens on the cellular level.

  • After instillation in the bladder, Cysview interacts with the heme biosynthetic pathway.
  • Selective intracellular accumulation of photoactive porphyrins (PAP) takes place.
  • PAPs preferentially accumulate in rapidly proliferating neoplastic cells.
  • After one hour, sufficient PAPs accumulate.
  • Under subsequent blue light illumination, neoplastic cells fluoresce bright pink.
How Cysview works to detect bladder cancer

How Cysview (HAL) is metabolized in cancer cells

Cysview [prescribing Information]. 2019:1-4.

2 Wachoska M, Muchowicz A, et al. Aminolevulinic Acid (ALA) as a Prodrug in Photodynamic Therapy of Cancer. Molecules. 2011;16(5):4140-4164.

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