Patient Stories

Karen S.

“I’m so grateful for the expertise at
the bladder cancer center and
for blue light technology.”

Karen S. was a long-time oncology nurse when she got her own cancer diagnosis at age 54. What she thought had been a sequence of recurrent urinary tract infections was revealed, in fact, to be bladder cancer.

This video shares more about Karen’s experience with bladder cancer and why she encourages everyone to do their research.

Mary Beth M.

“The feelings that surrounded [my bladder cancer diagnosis] were utter shock and dismay, despair and worry, and just completely thrown for a loop in my busy 28-year-old life."

At first, Mary Beth B. ignored the blood in her urine. When eventually she decided to get checked out by a urologist, she learned she had high-grade, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer with quite a lot of tumors in her bladder.

In this video, Mary Beth shares her bladder cancer journey and advice to others with the disease.

Cysview Patient Ambassador In the News

What patients think1

In 2019, 600 non-muscle invasive bladder cancer patients responded to a Photocure survey that was promoted on the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) Facebook page. Their responses illustrate that:

  • The use of BLC with Cysview affected the way they felt about their disease management.
  • They would seek treatment at centers that offer the procedure.
  • They have high interest in and satisfaction with Cysview.

Of the 87.45% who received BLC with Cysview:

  • 99.32% said it helped in managing their cancer
  • 99.55% reported improved confidence in the treatment they received
  • 99.77% confirmed the importance of having BLC with Cysview as part of their disease management
  • 99.32% of patients, once diagnosed, sought out an institution that offers BLC with Cysview

1 Survey of self-selected patients completed through the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN) sponsored by Photocure. Jan. 2016 n=222, Jan. 2017 n=568, Jan. 2018 n=550, Jan. 2019 n=600.  

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