Insist on Cysview

If you are about to undergo your first TURBT or a surveillance cystoscopy procedure, ask your urologist if it will include Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview.

If the answer is yes, then you can be confident about the quality of the procedure.

If the answer is no, then you might want to take steps to change that answer.

  • Ask your urologist if BLC with Cysview is available – and insist on it if it’s appropriate for you.
  • Find another urologist who has access to BLC with Cysview for your optimal care. Who is near you?

Cysview finds more NMIBC

BLC with Cysview has been studied in six prospective, multicenter, randomized, phase III clinical trials in the United States and Europe in more than 2,100 patients in both surveillance and TURBT.1

The studies evaluated the effectiveness of BLC with Cysview versus standard White Light Cystoscopy in detecting bladder cancer. The findings show improved detection with Cysview and blue light.

In clinical studies:

  • At surveillance, only BLC with Cysview showed recurrent tumors in 21% of patients1
  • In the operating room setting, 16% of patients had additional Ta/T1 tumors only found with BLC with Cysview1
  • In the operating room setting, 35% of patients with CIS were only found with Cysview1

You can see the difference

Standard White Light

white vs blue light cystoscopy images of bladder cancer

Blue Light Cystoscopy
with Cysview

white vs blue light cystoscopy images of bladder cancer

Cysview may not detect all malignant lesions. False-positive fluorescence may occur due to inflammation, cystoscopic trauma, scar tissue, previous bladder biopsy, recent BCG immunotherapy or intravesical chemotherapy.

Cysview is not a replacement for random biopsies or other procedures used in the detection of bladder cancer.

Please see Full Prescribing Information.

For more information review the Important Risk & Safety Information below.

Cysview [prescribing Information]. 2019:1-4.


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